About Us

After a decade in New York City, we recently spent a year traveling the world. We wanted to document all the wonderful things we saw: street art in Berlin, the Annapurna mountains of Nepal, botanical sanctuaries in Kanazawa, Japan. We took pictures and made notes on our smartphones, but everything we recorded was on different devices and mobile apps.

When we returned home and tried to share our travels with friends and family, we struggled to combine all our photos, notes, and maps into one coherent package. Mainstream apps like Facebook and Instagram were great for photos, but were not designed to tell a continuous story. What had been a long, seamless journey for us came across as piecemeal and disjointed.

So we decided to create a journaling tool ourselves, one that we would want to use. We think we’ve built an app that is easy, beautiful, and simple. Bonjournal is the perfect way to capture your memories and keeps them together in one place, so your travels will stay with you long after you’ve returned home.

To see the journeys we’ve documented with Bonjournal, click here.

We always love to hear from those who share our passion for traveling, so let us know what you think at hello@bonjourn.al.

Happy travels!