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Sri Lanka: South Coast by gofargetlost

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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Ildefonso Ogdoc grew up in the tropical town of Cebu, Philippines. He’s always been fond of going places, and wants to see as much as he can of this big world. When University didn’t work out for him, he went on to chase his dreams of getting out there. While he works mainly as a bartender, he’s also a huge foodie who enjoys taking photographs of people, places and things. In this Featured Journal, Doc explores the southern coast of Sri Lanka, through its culinary delights, local culture and ancient sites.

Read his journal here, and follow him @gofargetlost. His Sri Lanka: Highlands journal is also a delightful read.

What brought you to Sri Lanka?

The food mostly. I love the subtlety of spice and the big flavours. Despite the massive amounts of chili used on their dishes, you can never feel like your mouth is on fire.

Which camera do you shoot with?

Sony Rx100 II (which is busted right now).

Do you have a favorite place that you’ve visited and why?

Definitely Ella in the upcountry. The short hikes around the area are beautiful.

What’s your favorite travel tip?

Stay hydrated, wherever you are.