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Los Angeles by HelloJesso

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Although born and raised in London, Jessamine Barnieh has still managed to find herself in an earthquake, a volcano eruption, and an airplane emergency landing. Her recent adventures have been less dramatic but just as exciting, including a move from London to Hong Kong in 2013. In an effort to get to know her new city, Jessamine started a Project 365 (#jess_a_day on Instagram), taking a photo-a-day of the things she saw and places she explored in her first year. As a freelance copywriter, Jessamine is equally skilled with words as she is at photography, and likes to document her adventures on her blog.

In this featured journal, Jessamine crossed the Pacific for her first ever visit to the West Coast. Her eight-day trip to Los Angeles is jam packed with awesome food, cultural, and architectural explorations, and of course, a day trip Disneyland.

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What brought you to Hong Kong?

My husband was offered a job here in Hong Kong, and so we packed up our bags, waved a sad but excited goodbye to friends and family in London and embarked on a new adventure, and so far it’s been a lot of fun!

Which camera do you shoot with?

I take all my photos with my iPhone. At first it was an iPhone 4s and now I use an iPhone 5s. I do own a Canon G7, but I rarely use it, as it’s just so easy and convenient to take photos with my phone. I do want to get better using a camera, and maybe even learn how to use a film camera.

Do you have a favorite place that you’ve visited and why?

This is a toughie. I don’t have a favourite, as it’s too hard to choose. Everywhere I have been fortunate enough to visit has been great for different reasons. However, Iceland is a place I’ll always remember. I’ve been lucky enough to go twice - once in winter and once in the summer. There’s no place like it. You don’t just feel like you’re visiting another country, in some places, because of the landscape, it feels like you’re visiting another planet!

What’s your favorite travel tip?

Roll don’t fold. This will save you space when packing your luggage.

If you’re at a hotel and you run out of chargers, check the back of the TV; it usually has a USB port. This has helped me out on more than one occasion!

Apart from those practical tips, enjoy every moment and make memories. Make friends with locals to experience a different side of the place you’re visiting but don’t be afraid to be visit the tourist spots, some of them are attractions for a reason. Have fun and get lost, you may stumble across the best thing you’ll see on your trip. Oh and always check the weather report so you can dress comfortably for your travels and wear the right shoes. There’s nothing like being uncomfortable with sore feet to dampen your mood for exploring.