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Nepal by findingmomo

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Based in Singapore, you’ll likely find Bridget Goh sharing a good laugh with friends, enjoying a gourmet feast, or sitting in a cafe with a book. Though her father is a chef, Bridget sticks to eating rather than baking and cooking, choosing instead to pursue a career in law. She’s really into writing and photography because they’re things you don’t have to be good at to enjoy. And though she loves traveling with close friends, she also appreciates the spontaneity that traveling alone affords her.

In her journal, Bridget goes on a two-week journey that begins and ends in Kathmandu. In between, she soaks up all the local culture, good eats and picturesque landscapes that the Annapurna region has to offer, and discovers an appetite for adventure that she never knew she had.

Read her journal here, and check out her other travel stories @findingmomo.

What brought you to Nepal?

The only things I knew about Nepal before last year were that it was next to India and was home to the Annapurna and Himalayan ranges. Then I came to a point in life when I felt like going on an adventure, and on one of my Wikipedia spirals I stumbled upon Nepal and was fascinated by how culturally and physically beautiful the country was. I spoke with two of my good friends who went on separate treks to the Annapurna foothills last year and before I knew it I’d booked my air tickets to Kathmandu.

Do you have a favorite place that you’ve visited, and why?

It’s a tie between Seoul and Hong Kong. I love that they are densely built modern metropolises which have somehow managed to retain a distinct cultural identity. You’ll find traditional buildings existing alongside modern skyscrapers, which makes for a really interesting skyline. There’s also an amazing food scene in both cities — I’m constantly chewing on something. It also doesn’t hurt that the transport networks are extensive and affordable, so navigating the cities is a breeze.

What are your top three must-see/do/eat places in Singapore?

I’m totally cheating on the numbers here, but one thing led to another...

See: There’s no better place to view the city than from the Marina Bay area. Take a walk along the banks of the Singapore River before heading to the sky park on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands for a stunning view of the city. For a cheaper alternative you can walk to Marina Barrage via Gardens by the Bay. You won’t get an aerial view, but it’s still a pretty rad one - the Avatar-inspired skytrees at Gardens look amazing when lit up at night!

Do: Hop on a public bus and alight at cultural enclaves like Little India, Chinatown and Arab Street, or the colourful neighborhoods of Geylang and Katong. Have fun exploring!

Eat: Forget the Michelin-starred restaurants and hipster cafes - the true gems of the Singapore food scene are its hawker centers. These food centers can be found in any estate and are home to an eclectic mix of hawker stalls selling everything from fried kway teow (broad rice noodles) to Hainanese chicken rice. Some famous and more centrally-located hawker centers are at Old Airport Road, Maxwell Road, Tiong Bahru Market and Hong Lim Complex. I also love the dai pai dong style of eating - my favorite restaurants are JB Ah Meng in Geylang and Long Kee at Tiong Bahru. You can get your crab fix at these places!

What’s your favorite travel tip?

Be open-minded to trying out things and food outside of your comfort zone and you might just be surprised!