Bonjournal Basics

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How do I edit a draft or published entry?

  1. Select the relevant journal
  2. Select the relevant page
  3. Open the entry by selecting the entry header
  4. Select the pencil icon
  5. Edit your entry
  6. Select Publish to update

How do I change my location, or create a custom location?

  1. Open the entry by selecting the entry header
  2. Select from the location drop down menu Find or create location
  3. Enter your location
  4. Select Search
  5. Select the location from the search results, or use your custom location

Why can I only add three photos per entry?

Our goal at Bonjournal is to help you preserve your memories in beautifully packaged online journals. We feel that three, well-curated photos will complement your entry more effectively than an album-ful of pictures. If you’d like to post more photos on Bonjournal, we suggest you create multiple entries.

How do I make an entry private?

When you are in the entry form, turn the Privacy Lock ON. A private entry can only be read and accessed by you.

What is an addendum entry?

An addendum entry serves as an afterthought or reflection of your day. Limited to one per day, an addendum has no timestamp or location, and appears at the bottom of a page.

What is a starred item?

When you star an entry or journal, that item is saved to your Starred Items page, which you can easily access through the Star tab in the top navigation bar. This is especially helpful if you are using your friend’s journals to plan your own trip.

How do I change my journal cover photo or icon?

  1. Select the journal
  2. Select the pencil icon
  3. To change your journal icon, tap the icon to the left of the journal title
  4. To add a journal cover photo, select Add cover photo
  5. To delete a journal cover photo, tap the X in the upper right corner of your current photo
  6. Select Save to update

How do I share my journals?

  1. On the Table of Contents page of your journal, select the Share icon to post to Facebook or Twitter
  2. Or, copy and paste the URL link you would like to share

What updates are you working on?

This is only the beginning. In addition to finishing up the iOS app and optimizing the performance of the mobile-ready site, we are working on helpful features, including an export to PDF function, private user accounts and entry tagging. We look forward to building a better Bonjournal for you!