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Westfjords, Iceland by adamandheather

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Adam and Heather’s first conversation was about travel: her journey to Italy to study classics, and his camping trip across the American west. They cemented their relationship with a weeklong fly-fishing trip to Montana. Using the summer vacations provided by Heather’s teaching career, they’ve taken on long backpacking journeys through Italy, Alaska, Hawaii, and now Iceland.

The Westfjords of Iceland are rugged and remote, far off of the typical tourist trail. The centerpiece of their time there was a week spent hiking across a nature reserve, which is only inhabited in summer and only accessible by boat. But half of the adventure was just getting that far.

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What brought you to Iceland?

It was kind of a spontaneous idea. We were going back and forth with a few different options for our big annual trip when one of us blurted out “Iceland”, the other said “done”, and there was no debate. As we looked into it, we found a huge range of exciting outdoor adventures that were right up our alley. Diving into the rich history and mythology of the Icelanders was also exciting.

From your other Bonjournal stories, it seems that you’re both fond of backpacking and hiking. What destination is next on your list?

Other rugged, cold-weather places are calling to us. We talked with many Norwegians who persuaded us to visit their country. We’re also considering options in Nepal like the Annapurna Circuit or the Himalaya, although the recent disasters there are both concerning and heartbreaking. Luckily there are Bonjournals on both, so we’ll have to get in touch with @findingmomo and @anamiri to learn more!

Do you have a favorite place that you’ve visited, and why?

Alaska touched a raw, primal feeling in us, and we’re always drawn back to those locations and memories. It’s the kind of place where you could realistically be standing on a boat watching a glacier spill into the sea at the foot of a 15,000 foot mountain while a whale surfaces nearby, a bear walks along the shore, and a bald eagle soars overhead. If you were hiking in a glacial valley and a dinosaur came lumbering around the corner, you would only be halfway surprised.

What’s your favorite travel tip?

It’s taken us a long time to learn that we need to build in downtime for recovery and stay flexible for those happy, accidental discoveries that sometimes become your best memories. Experience fewer things more deeply.