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Everest by narlap

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Naras Lapsys lives in the seaside suburb of Coogee in Sydney, Australia with his wife and two young daughters. Known as The Body Doctor, Naras has his own business as a longevity and anti-aging specialist. To prepare for the hardships of his trip, Naras spent six months getting back into kickboxing training, a sport he had all but given up for dead 20 years ago.

Naras’s journal is a day-to-day account of his time spent on the road, motorbiking through Kathmandu Valley in Nepal to the high plains and mountain passes of Tibet. At times the going got tough, but with the promise of witnessing the world’s highest peak, he kept forging on. Read about his adventure here, and follow Naras @narlap.

What brought you to Nepal and Tibet?

When my wife asked me how I would like to celebrate my 50th birthday, I told her that I didn’t want a big party, I wanted a big adventure. Ever since I was a child I had wanted to see Mount Everest with my own two eyes so once I discovered that I could ride a motorbike to Basecamp Everest, the plan was set. However, with my tickets and the trip booked, Nepal experienced a catastrophic earthquake and there were subsequent devastating landslides in the Everest region that caused the mountain to be closed for many months. Fortunately, the roads opened in time and knowing that a true adventure requires an element of danger, I decided to continue with the journey.

What was your most memorable experience during this trip?

We were extremely fortunate to have clear blue skies and perfect weather whilst at Basecamp Everest. The locals told us that they had not seen the mountain so clear for many, many years. After having spent the whole day in the presence of the great mountain, we were treated to the most magnificent sunset that lit up Everest’s peak like an intense golden halo. It was a rare and unforgettable moment.

Do you have a favorite place that you’ve visited, and why?

Sun Valley, Idaho is still one of my most favourite places in the world. After a day of skiing Baldy Mountain, there is no better place to end the day than at one of the natural hot springs, 20 miles from nowhere, hearing the distant sounds of mountain lions and wolves out in the wilderness.

What’s your favorite travel tip?

After a freezing cold night at high altitude, sleeping fully clothed in my motorcycle gear and often struggling to catch my breath, our tour guide told us that hardship can only deepen the experience. I really took these words to heart, and think that it is a good way to view some of the more challenging aspects that occur to all of us when we travel.