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New Zealand by @valeriepeltier

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Born and raised in Ridgetown, Ontario, Valerie Peltier pursued a career in interior design before realizing that her true love lived outside in the mountains. After completing her diploma for the Outdoor Adventure Naturalist Program, she moved on to explore Australia and New Zealand for two and half months. Her latest adventure involves instructing outdoor education to students along the Pacific Coast.

In her journal, Valerie goes on a six-week hiking journey through the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Along the way, she connects with the most breathtaking beauty and dramatic diversity that Mother Nature has to offer. Read more here, and follow Valerie @valeriepeltier.

What was your most memorable experience during your trip?

The highlight of my trip was mountain biking in the redwoods through the mist and mud puddles.

Was there anything surprising or unexpected that you encountered on your journey?

At one point, we split up and I hiked a mountain alone — it was a very rewarding and empowering climb.

Do you have a favorite place that you’ve visited, and why?

My favorite place is Mount Cook. The magic of the mountains surrounding your every side make for a feeling that sits with you and that you can take wherever you go.

What’s your favorite travel tip?

Take care of your feet; if they are happy, you are happy.