12:00 pm

Star 2


[Beaulieu, UK]

The old grey donkey
Head butts the gate.
The fresh shoots in the garden.

A large number of horses, ponies and donkeys roam through the New Forest. You can find them anywhere and everywhere -- on the heath, grazing by the roadside, sometimes just standing in the road itself, with traffic all banked up -- and occasionally in people's front gardens. This old grey donkey has learnt that the front garden of the cottage we're staying in has lush green grass. He was shooed out the other day by the owner, but today is back. He stands at the 6-foot high garden gate, butting it, pushing all his weight against it, attempting to get in. A few other younger looking donkeys stand off to the side, watching the old man's efforts. But the rope that the owner tied round the gatepost holds -- and after 10 minutes, the donkey wanders off with a sorrowful backwards glance.

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