12:00 pm

Star 2


[Egham, UK]

The river Thames.
Five or six houseboats
All owned by divorced men.

Stopping by a houseboat to chat to one of the owners, I learn that all the boats are owned by men now divorced, all of whom live permanently on the boats. The houseboats are all moored together, in various states of disrepair, or repair. Much like their owners no doubt. Across the river, looking out at the houseboats, are a string of wealthy homes, with shiny power boats moored to their jetties. As if to remind the houseboat owners what they have lost perhaps. Or to re-inspire them. Or maybe, as in the case of the fellow I'm talking to, representing a life they have no interest in. Certainly my man seems happy enough, cheerily shouting "hey geezer" to the other fellows as he heads off along the shore.

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