12:00 pm

Star 3


[Beaulieu, UK]

The silent forest.
Deer, hawks and ancient oaks.
And the sound of a car alarm!

The New Forest was created as a royal forest in about 1079 by William I for the royal hunt, mainly of deer. It takes little imagination even now to feel its links to the past. Walking in the forest one day, over the heathland and into the woods, I stand in awe, watching the hawks overhead, and far off now, listen to the sound of the deer I have startled. But even more startling is the sound of a car alarm -- somewhere deeper still in the forest it seems, or on an unsighted road winding through the forest near by. For a moment, past and present time become entangled, confused. For a few seconds, it might well be a hunting horn blown by the young prince ... .

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