12:00 pm

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[Beaulieu, UK]

During a lull in business
The ice cream van driver
Tries one himself.

An ice cream van has been parked over on the heath near the ponds most of the week. Enough people go exploring or walking near by, it seems, to warrant such trade. Certainly the Brits seem to love their ice cream cones, whether on the heath or walking along the sea front, For that matter, who doesn't? But today things are a bit quiet. It may be boredom, it may be curiosity, he may have reason to keep the ice cream dispenser 'lubricated' (as if) -- but there he is, preparing an ice cream cone for himself. He stands there licking it with that air of satisfaction known to ice cream lovers everywhere. Even the New Forest cows grazing nearby would be hard put to look more content.

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