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[Sway, UK]

These village names!
'Wooton', 'Tiptoe', 'Sway'
Sound like a drunk stealing home.

To an Australian ear, English village names sound completely charming -- somehow invented, You wonder whether the English themselves take them completely seriously. Who was it first proposed these names? Or did the names spring 'naturally' from the gentle, fanciful English countryside, like the trees, birds and other creatures I have written about? Certainly, they conjure up an air of a fairytale almost, like something from a children's book. A place where farmers are ruddy faced, the local policeman is respectful and respected and need only carry a stick, all little girls want to marry the prince, and the local gentry drive by and toot each other. And where even the drunk, wandering home beneath the stars, is regarded kindly.

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