12:00 pm

Star 2


[Dublin, IRELAND]

Dashing to the airport
The thump of the blackbird.
The gloomy morning.

It's not a happy morning. It's just 5am and we're about to leave for Dublin airport in a hire car for a flight to the UK. As we head to the vehicle, bags in hand, James the taxi driver materialises -- believing we had an agreement with him to go the airport in his van. We had said we would ring him to confirm if we wanted him to take us. That proved impossible when he failed to give us a phone number when he dropped us at our apartment. We tried to contact him through the taxi company -- just 'to be sure to be sure' -- to make sure he understood that we might have other plans, but without success. How awkward that all is! It's not made any happier when we realise en route to the airport that we have cut things very fine. It seems the planets are in league against us when I catch sight of a blackbird, swooping low into the car lights on the dark road. And then 'cathump'! I have killed a bird I love. I am filled with a sense of dread -- made worse in the gloomy pre-dawn. We make the flight, finally, but only by the skin of our teeth, and in a highly anxious state.

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