12:00 pm

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[Henley-on-Thames, UK]

By the gates of Friars Park
I hear the sweet sound
Of that weeping guitar.

We visit George Harrison's mansion, Friar's Park, the garden of which features on the album cover for the classic 1970 album "All Things Must Pass". I feel extremely reverent about this visit. He was my favourite of the Beatles. I especially appreciated the spiritual cast of his music, the sense of mystery and 'otherness' he captured in his lyrics. I go very quiet inside and through the gates, hear, almost astrally it seems, the strains of that unique guitar -- think 'My Sweet Lord' or 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'. I feel a wave of deep gratitude, recalling what a part his music played in my late teens, and mentally give thanks to him. In his words "I'm grateful to anyone who is happy or free/ For giving me hope/ While I'm looking to see/ The light that has lighted the world." ['The Light That Has Lighted the World'].

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