12:00 pm

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[Woolacombe, UK]

We build tors on the beach
And a rock mandala.
Just two kids in the sand.

We have started, without intending it, to erect small stone tors on beaches we visit -- the odd one here and there at least. The stones here in this Woolecombe beach inlet are perfect -- many of them are flat, wafer thin. And so easy to stack. If we didn't need to leave shortly, I suspect we might get carried away this morning and build a dozen or so. Tall, short, fat -- however, whatever. This playful habit started some years ago when we visited a small remote beach on the South Coast of NSW -- one along from Murramarang Beach near Kioloa. I was telling Sue how I had walked to this beach one day and found 'growing' there a few dozen tors. A mini forest! Beautiful and mysterious. They were everywhere I looked -- on the sand itself, on the pebbly banks, on the large rocks in the shallows. I could think of a range of causes but preferred to leave it be, to just enjoy them. People will we hope get a similar kick from the occasional tors we have left behind -- in Italy, UK or elsewhere. The two we have made just now on this charming little beach in North Devon should stand for a time -- maybe.

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