03 Apr 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


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[Dublin, IRELAND]

Same stone, same wood.
Pubs and churches
Bar stools and pews.

Sue remarks on the number of funeral parlors in Dublin. It's true -- they seem to be on every second street. They are plentiful, like the churches and cathedrals. And, it must be said, like the city's pubs. (I note in passing that it seems a very Irish thing to name the owner as part of the business name. It's O'Flynn's Funeral Home, Sean's Public House, Murphy's Window Cleaners, Fitzpatrick's Financial Services. Just as it is St Michael's or St Brigid's church, say.) But it makes you wonder what the relationship is between the three 'businesses'. Certainly, two of them are much concerned with matters of belief, of life and death, one of them with release from all such concerns. It tickles my sense of humour to reflect that the pubs and churches make use of the same earthly material to create their different 'spiritual' houses -- stone and wood -- and to reflect that the bar stool in one of these houses likely uses the same wood as the pew found in the other; that time spent singing and 'toasting' in one, likely necessitates time spent doing similar in the other. From Flanagan's to St Michaels -- it's just a name away!