03 May 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


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[Tralee, IRELAND]

Love at first sight.
The Irish wolfhound
Leans into my legs.

We're staying overnight in Ballyseede Castle, gazing out through the reception room windows as twilight begins to fall. A large Irish wolfhound suddenly appears in the front garden. I hurry outside to greet this most wonderful animal -- almost mythic in my mind. He for his part moves off quickly, round the corner with me in pursuit, calling to him. He finally takes pity on me and half turns about to wait for me, standing there like a beautiful old horse. When I reach him, I throw my arms around him. He responds by nuzzling me. He is so tall and leans right into my body as I hug him. He is grizzled, with tan and grey markings -- and quite old. We are soon 'best friends'. I feel as I did when we flew the hawks the day before -- extremely privileged to be allowed into the world of such a marvelous creature.