05 Apr 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


Star 2


[Brockenhurst, UK]

The English countryside.
Everything in its place.
Even the ponies appear polite.

Coming back to England after all these years, I'd forgotten how mannered and polite the English can be. It strikes me all the more after coming via Ireland. Australians relate better l think to the latent mischief of the Irish, the readiness to 'take the mick', to thumb their noses at authority. The restraint of the English led Georges Gurdjieff, an influential spiritual teacher of the early 20th century, to declare that the rigidity of English society made it almost impossible to teach them. The English restraint seems to extend even to nature; the very birds themselves -- chaffinches, doves, robins, blackbirds -- seem agreeable, 'in their place'. As do the ponies wandering the heath in the New Forest.