06 May 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


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[Waterford, IRELAND]

Such animation!
Asking for directions
As if to a pot of gold.

We have stopped many times in Ireland and asked for street directions to pubs, streets, hotels and the like. As we did yesterday in Cork looking for the house my grandmother was bought up in, and today in Waterford, looking for the house in which she was born. Luckily the family name is a well known one -- but even so, the Irish characteristically show much enthusiasm for our various 'quests', never appearing put out, and happily putting to the side whatever they were doing to help us. Professor types in museums, directors of cancer councils, pharmacists, women and men in the street. This often involves offers to walk part way with us, or today, to hop in the car, dog in tow, to drive there. It is all done with such relish we might have said we were looking for a pot of gold left behind from the morning's rainbow. And surely Ireland has more than its fair share of those; rainbows that is.