07 May 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


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[Abu Dhabi, UAE]

Hats, headscarves, turbans
Promenading through the airport.
An exotic fashion show!

We spend four hours in Abu Dhabi airport waiting for our Sydney flight. Time enough to marvel at the variety and range of cultures and religions represented by skin colour, clothing and, more than anything, head coverings. I can't think of a dress item that is more varied. I really should have counted all the different kinds. Or better still, taken snaps of them to better illustrate the range of materials, colours and shapes on show. Each of them reflects or tells the tale of the many different minds, beliefs, attitudes they cover. I figure the variety of travellers is greater at Abu Dhabi airport because of one thing: it is more a stopover airport than a start or end point; in other words, more people are transitioning between countries than are leaving from or arriving in the United Arab Emirates. In the end, though, all share the same experience of 'being at an airport'. Weary eyes are weary no matter the headwear, and a head bobbing in and out of sleep is the same everywhere.