08 May 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


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[Canberra, AUSTRALIA]

We slip back into town.
Everything's the same
Everything's different.

So there we are. The trip comes to an end with a coach ride to Canberra from Sydney airport! Forty days of wandering overseas -- forty days denoting a period of 'testing' or travail in the bible. It's true -- we have been tested at times. Sue's mum being hospitalised the most difficult of these. But we are mostly elated, charged with wonderful, uplifting experiences and encounters. Of wilderness (light-polished mountains, deep mossy laneways, seething black Atlantic ocean coastlines and menacing, misted wooded glens -- ask me about 'Devil's Glen' in the Wicklow mountains in Ireland); of beautiful, noble creatures of heath, sky and forest (ponies, hawks, eagle-owls, Irish wolfhounds); and of wonderful people (English, Italian and Irish musicians, farmers, shopkeepers, ice cream vendors, children, and travellers from other lands in colourful robes and hats). This is why, as we pull into Canberra, we see at once a world that is known and familiar, and yet, because we are changed and look -- for a time at least -- through 'other' eyes, we see a very different one too. As the writer Henry Miller suggests: "One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things". Here's to that!