11 Apr 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


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[The Alps, ITALY]

French, Swiss, Italian.
The towering alps
Defy all worldly labels.

The train trip from Geneva to Milan takes us through the alps. Over our shoulders, receding quickly as the train gathers speed, we see the white glistening dome of Mont Blanc, standing head and shoulders above the rest, off in the French alps. I hear myself exclaiming 'Wow!' repeatedly as we move through this unworldly mountain scape -- through Switzerland and finally into Italy. All of it, so wondrous! And to see how mankind has managed to adapt to this rarefied world, little villages poked away here and there, houses clinging to steep slopes, roads and train tracks pushing through forests, over cascading streams, and into impossible mountain sides. It takes your breath away! And with it your words and labels!