16 Apr 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


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[Corniglia, ITALY]

A giant bumble bee
Pushes aside the petals
Of the purple sweet pea.

In our seaside garden and along the roadsides, huge bees come raiding for pollen, many of them with their bags already overflowing. You can see faint puffs of pollen falling from their legs as they push into the blossoms. The lure of the fresh ripe sweet pea is obviously too much today. They are everywhere I look, in the flowers in the garden, and in the purple sweet pea growing by the roadside near the station. Some are ginger and hairy, as if wearing tiny fox stoles. Others are black like small grizzly bears. I listen for their buzzing, but they are oddly silent. They all display pure intent, however, wholly devoted to the task at hand.