21 Apr 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


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[Beaulieu, UK]

Empty birds nests
In an empty tree
Full of promise.

On a walk down to the village, I'm struck by the number of nests silhouetted in the trees. Last year's nests to be sure, but ... such beautiful stick architecture. We know that they will not be used this year; it seems a shame somehow. But still -- they seem to be ready to host new Spring life, like a template of sorts, poised, full of potential. It makes you want to look inside, even though you know they are empty. That is the nature of a nest, of a cradle for new life. It may be that this feeling too is enhanced by the force welling up through the trees in which they sit -- beech, oak, birch, and apple -- many of which are just beginning to show leaf and blossom buds, all ready for Spring themselves.