23 Apr 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


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[Beaulieu, UK]

Boris the wonder dog
Shows his happy face
At the kitchen window.

I had to acknowledge Boris, the happiest little poodle-terrier in the world. "Who cares what I am'", I'm sure he'd say. "Let's play chasings again!" Boris lives in the house next door to our cottage. There was never a happier dog than him! Or a faster one! Or a better jumper! He delights us every day he comes to visit. A bright little white face at the kitchen window, inviting us to play. Why not! Spring is here; the sky is filled with sunlight and birds and butterflies from the forest. The lawn is greener than green. The sky is bluer than blue. And this little dog's in love with it all. We'll all be sad to say goodbye in a few days time. :- (