29 Apr 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


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[Bournemouth, UK]

The old brewery truck
Belts down the road
In a cloud of cherry blossom.

I've just been admiring the masses of soft pink blossom on the roadside trees. I walk off to the sounds of an approaching truck. A moment later, the blossoms are falling around me, blowing about in clouds. The truck has carelessly clipped the branches of the tree, at speed. What a shame! At times like these, it is hard to recall and accept that man too is part of nature, that a brewery truck is as much a part of it all as the tree, comprised of the same elements of earth, air, fire and water ... just in a different mix. We're all rolling round on the same blue and green ball. I just wish at times we were kinder, more considerate stewards and custodians of it all.