30 Mar 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


Star 6




The airport terminal.
Those arriving, those departing
Such different faces.

As we wander through the Sydney airport terminal, past the arrival gate, into the departure area, I can't help but notice the range of expressions. It is, like the opening to the film 'Love Actually', a melting pot of human emotion. There are those who have just arrived, jet lagged and flat, their clothes all crinkled, and those who look like they're wearing someone else's clothing, or gear donned in the wrong hemisphere; or instead, the bright eyed and excited -- being met variously with hugs, tears, handshakes, or chauffeurs holding signs for a 'Mr Peter Wong'. Then there are those departing, looking either anxious and harassed or joyful and energized, and all shades in between. I don't know of anywhere else where such emotion is on show. And us? We're just relieved to have arrived for now.