31 Mar 2015

Forty Days by gazanson


Star 2


[Dublin, IRELAND]

He beat Stephen Hawking to it!
He has a theory of everything
This Irish taxi driver.

We've just arrived in Dublin. Following our jet-lagged brains outside, we get hailed by a ruddy-faced Irish taxi driver in a grey and green van. 'Hoy there', he shouts across the road. We try our best to get on a shuttle bus that we can see, reached by some impossible Escher staircase ... but somehow end up by his van. We're his! On the way into Dublin proper, he talks non-stop. We learn everything there is to know about, well ... everything! Fresh from watching on the plane the movie 'The Theory of Everything' about the life of Stephen Hawking, he appears to be across it all. A kind of taxi savant! I daresay he knows every street, every building, every person we pass -- how to get to the sacred Hills of Tara up north, what to back in the 12.15 at Limerick on Saturday, and even what sort of Guinness Jesus preferred (for surely, they drank the good drop even back then). He talks about not being able to get a word in with his brother, but somehow I find that unlikely. But what a wonderful, charmed welcome to Ireland. Sure they got potatoes as their birthright, not oil or mineral deposits, but that gift of the gab is pure gold.