12 Jul 2018

The Changing Skies Tour by cynthiabrando


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Tired, lonely, emotional and indecisive-I go back and forth in my head whether or not to drive the 45 min and 50 miles out of my way to see the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. Las Cruces is my last destination in the state before I return who knows when.....the pictures online looked intriguing-but I hadn’t planned this part of my trip very well-and would only have a couple hours in the park-so would it be worth it? I was starting to feel disconcerted with the whole traveling thing-I had a hang over from my time with the locals in T or C the night before-and my other option was to go to my air bnb in Las Cruces and crawl into bed and put the covers over my head....which sounded really nice to me...I decided to stop being stupid and just go......it was slightly stormy and had just poured rain, but the sun was also coming out-huge white sand dunes emerged from the desolate road and glistened through the rays against the dark background.....it was pretty much the most spectacular thing I had ever seen....unusual, quiet, mysterious-beautiful and magical......I walked around the different dunes for a couple hours and took footage for a music video which is up on my YouTube.....the footage shows what words can’t describe-with a carefully chosen tune to highlight the sentiment of being amongst the solitary gypsum sands....immediately upon leaving-a huge downpour.....I got into my bed and put the covers over my head until morning....

Not one to want to hang out much on the beaten path-I tooled around Old Mesilla in Las Cruces-a quiet little area with not much happening.....been craving that the whole tour-since I live in such a gigantic city and get plenty of city action.....

The next morning I headed to Arizona-past a million border patrols and west to Bisbee-which back in the day was the copper mining town of the now abandoned Lowell....but “new” Bisbee was full of shops and things to see-mostly closed down....at 4 in the afternoon.

I did the “hair of the dog” at a local brewery then played at a funky tavern where I literally heard crickets chirping....it was a slow night in Bisbee-the few locals were generous with the tips-and an hour early we called it a night.....

More pics/video on my Facebook page...,.