17 May 2014

Climate Ride California by abbieredmon


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There was a brewery stop about two miles from camp that most people got caught up at, but since I'm not a beer drinker -- and I was a little worried about setting up my tent -- I went ahead to the campsite and was in the first quarter of people to arrive.

It was easier than expected, even only having set up the tent once before! I made one mistake that I recognized and fixed immediately, and I had a nice spot by the fence that would be quiet.

The showers had hot water, fortunately, so I washed off the day and hung around waiting for dinner. They served lemon grilled chicken and a quinoa salad. They also had a small vegetarian / gluten-free table set up, so I picked a few things off there, too, and found a seat at the picnic tables.

The evening program tonight was a big welcome and staff introduction, as well as short, three-minute presentations from people who work at a lot of the beneficiaries we raised money for. I made it about 3/4 of the way through these talks before stumbling off to my tent to sleep. What a tiring day!