18 May 2014

Climate Ride California by abbieredmon


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I woke up this morning feeling ready for the day.

The route run-through was a little disconcerting, though, because we had several big hills coming our way throughout the day, including a BIG one right before camp, at the end of the day.

I crammed as much breakfast as I could into my mouth, though, and just got ready to ride. #allthebacon #alltheeggs

We packed our own lunches this morning, and they'd be waiting for us at our lunch stop, by Russian River.

Off we go!

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What a day. Grueling. Painful.

I won't lie -- at the end, I was using lots of curse words and promising myself I'd never do anything like this again.

I was right to be worried about the final hill today -- it was a total bitch! I rode my bike up the whole damn thing, because I wouldn't consider not doing it, but it was really hard, and not fun at all. It was just as much a mental game as a physical one today. I learned a lot.

I was pretty grumbly once I arrived in camp. It didn't help that another girl, Lucy, and I rode three miles UP THE WRONG HILL before some of the staff caught us and set us back on course. What a waste! That was frustrating.

But tonight we sleep in cabins, and they gave us burritos for dinner! I also got a massage tonight -- I thought it might be nice to treat myself on one of the nights, and tonight was the night, for sure!

I've made a few friends -- Shane from Seattle, Michael from the Bay Area, Lucy from San Francisco, and Joe from Oakland.

They had s'mores around a camp fire tonight, with live music from two of the staff, so that was fun! Joe shared a little of his wine with me, but I still made myself go to bed around 10 p.m. to make sure I don't start running at a deficit.

The ride is officially half over!