19 May 2014

Climate Ride California by abbieredmon


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Today is supposed to be our easiest day. It's a low-mileage day, and there's only one hill, right at the beginning of the day.

They had oatmeal with brown sugar at breakfast this morning, which made me very happy! I also remembered to put on sunscreen this morning, which makes me feel even more ready for the day. We have a few fun stops planned for today, and I'm excited that I should have time to enjoy them!

Here we go again!

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Back in the tent tonight, and I'm happy about it! I didn't sleep very well in the cabins last night. And my tent is pretty comfy!

Our campsite tonight is in a park I've been to before! Pretty funny to come back and see it again after about seven years! It's a beautiful spot.

After dinner, Joe and I wandered off to one of the hiking trail in search of a spot to view sunset from. We didn't find a good look-out point, but the trail along the way was really pretty! And the sky was beautiful from ALL angles!

After our detour, we made it back to camp in time to see a slideshow of the photos our photographer, Kip, had taken so far. It was really fun to look back over the previous three days!

I can't believe we only have one day left on the ride.