20 May 2014

Climate Ride California by abbieredmon


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I made it to lunch only 30 minutes before we "definitely" "for sure" "had to" leave to ensure we made it to Sacramento in time.

Bummer -- it meant I didn't get to see the Hall of Fame, or do anything really other than scarf down some food and get back on the bike.

We rode a majority of the miles before lunch (60!), and it was beautiful, but I had exactly zero time to enjoy any of it. I'd definitely plan this differently if I were in charge. It's not cool to feel so rushed and stressed on the last day, when we're supposed to be excited about the big finish at the state capitol!

Anyway, onward to Sac-town (incidentally, I hate that nickname for Sacramento, haha!).

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At the park where we rendezvoused before riding to the capitol together, as a big group, I discovered one of the bolts from my left cleat was completely missing -- no wonder it had been getting hard to clip in the past several miles! One of the mechanics fixed me up, and I was ready for our last hurrah to the California State Capitol.

The last few blocks were both fun AND funny -- the photographer was in a car at the head of our group, hanging out the window taking photos, and all 160-ish of us were riding in this massive pack toward the capitol. But, there are about five traffic lights on that last stretch, so as we rode triumphantly down the street, our cheers turned to "Awwww!"s as our group got sliced up as each traffic light turned red. And someone even hit a sewer grate and went down on the last block or so. Talk about anti-climactic, haha!

It was still really fun and exhilarating to reach the end of our journey. And the capitol building is beautiful. We got a few group photos, heard from a few California legislators and bike advocates, and then it was over.

What a ride! Literally and figuratively ;)