10:00 pm

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Today's my birthday.

We celebrated by taking a break from the outdoors and driving into town. We needed to restock our food supply, and we had great ambitions of finding some gluten-free, dairy-free dessert with which to celebrate the start of my 3rd decade.

What we found instead were a pair of La Sportiva B1 boots at an excellent sale price, which I purchased.

Bring on the waterfall climbs, bitches!

We also had the all-day breakfast at Wetherspoon, restocked at the grocery, and then drove back to camp.

In the dark, we cooked my birthday dinner over a campfire: steak, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. We had wine, too. I ate it wearing three jackets, a fleece hat, and my headlamp. I tried to wear my gloves, too, but it was too hard to hold the fork. Marcus took an unnecessarily long, 3-minute video of me I was eating dinner. He also got me a sweet card and -- AND! -- gluten-free, dairy-free fruit tarts! (I had a chocolate bar in the car, too.)

It was a chilly, windy, memorable birthday. Bring on 30!




Happy belated, Abbie! What a memorable way to celebrate your birthday... this trek looks amazing.