23 Mar 2015

The Lake District by abbieredmon


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The Lake District was a dangerous destination to choose in March in terms of weather. But we had a week to travel somewhere fun for my birthday, so we drove up to the National Trust campsite in Great Langdale to camp, hike, climb, and scramble for the week.

We were pretty lucky, as it turned out -- there was rain one night, and snow another night, and a few showers here and there, but there was also a respectable amount of sunshine, and it showed up when it mattered the most.

It was a big week for me, because I climbed outside for the first time since getting into the sport last summer. We arrived to our campsite on Monday afternoon, and after setting up camp and the tent, we only had a couple of hours of daylight left.

We dashed up a quick trail to a climb directly above camp. We roped in, Marcus led up an easy scramble-climb pitch, and I followed pretty quickly, which gave me confidence.

We made it up the second pitch, and the light was definitely starting to fade, so we prepped to head down. Marcus set the ropes up, and I half-rappelled / was half-lowered down a messy slope of rocks to a flattish (but still super rocky) patch. After pausing to attend to the -- a-hem -- call of nature, Marcus arrived beside me.

I was worried because it had been getting darker and darker, and it was all new to me, but we put on our headlamps (I had to borrow Marcus's emergency one since I had accidentally left my pack at the base of the climb -- in all of the excitement of my first climb, I suppose?) and scrambled carefully back down to the trail.

After retrieving my pack, we made it back to camp and cooked dinner in the dark. The blow-up mattress we had put in the tent was downright luxurious!