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I've been counting my blessings - particularly lifestyle options today.

I called for an Uber to pick me up from my house. $14 to get to SFO. No more need to wait for a taxi or park at the airport (and wait for the parking lot shuttles).

I went through the airport security using my phone as the boarding pass. The flight and boarding info displayed in my locked screen so I didn't need to dig for it in my email or PDF app, or a piece of paper in my purse! No more need to print my boarding pass and check the airport monitors.

I boarded and tethered my laptop to my phone, so I could download documents I needed to work on inflight. Truthfully I could have skipped this as many flights have inflight wifi nowadays - i just didn't want to pay for it. :) No more need to pre-download or pre-print docs. Or better yet - no more need to jot with a pen/notebook.

I love it.

I'm privileged and I hope I never take it for granted.

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