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Day three has come to an end and we've taken it a bit easy over the last two days in order to set ourselves up well for crossing the North Cascades tomorrow.

Day 2
It's amazing what a good nights rest will do to a spirit. It's even more amazing what 15 miles of flatland after a day of hills does for it. Morale was high. We ran into a few familiar faces throughout the day, which reminded us that we have so many people at home supporting us and that we are still only an hours drive from our house. The night was capped off with a beer at the Sedro-Woolley Market, an amazing Warmshower.org host, and a kitchen to cook up Chorizo tacos.
We rode 46 miles and had lots of peanut butter and jellies.

Day 3
We had a late start, but got to enjoy some backroads until we got back into our home for the next several days: Highway 20 or Death 20 as an enthusiastic individual called it yesterday. We had renewed strength today and rode like we knew what we were doing. The more we rode today, the more beautiful the scenery became. Eventually we were surrounded by small mountains with the snow covered North Cascades before us. We rode in awe of their beauty but fully aware that that very beauty will be the source of our agony for the next two day. Every rose has its thorn, as Poison says.

We set up camp in Marblemount after 42 miles. We're sleeping outside their community center and volunteer fire station. We didn't ask anyone but everyone has been friendly. We expect to be woken up by the fire truck at some point tonight.

Also, I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that ladies working in gas stations are some of the kindest types of people out there, and probably some of the strongest as well. The latter is just a guess.

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