4:00 pm

Star 2


Today we rode from Fairfield to Wolf Creek, MT and so far, no wolves. The ride was 52 miles. I thought I had come to terms with the "Live by the wind, die by the wind" lifestyle, but in the midst of anything but a tailwind, you forget what it's like to ride the wind.

As we rode south for the first 30 miles of the day, the wind came blowing from the west over a sea of golden wheat fields creating ripples with every powerful gust. Our bikes rode keeled slightly into the wind as our unbuttoned sun shirts luffed off the sides of our bodies like an unattended sail. You forget about the beauty of the landscape when you're being tossed by the wind. The only thought is "don't fall down, don't fall down!"

The road took mercy on us by giving us a left turn. We headed east for the rest of the day with the wind at our back. How quickly your mood turns when you start averaging 20 mph. The beauty of the landscape comes back, and you start to notice that every hill and rock formation is unique. Jeff thought he saw a porcupine in the grass on the side of the road; therefore, I spent the rest of the day looking for porcupines. No luck, I'm not even sure Montana has porcupines.

We're camping in the yard of a volunteer fire department; still no wolves, porcupines or grizzlies.

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