2:30 pm

Star 1


After a quick 36 miles on a cup of coffee, 2 water bottles, and a Clif Bar each, we arrived in Helena on July 18th. I had a book on general delivery at the Helena Post Office that closed at noon, so that set a little bit of fire under us to get on the road early that day. We arrived at 11:50 am.

Jeff's family met us in Helena, got us a room for a couple nights, treated us to a few meals. Brie and a continental breakfast were involved, we were really living!

It's so refreshing seeing familiar faces while far from home. I know it must have been especially renewing for Jeff. I wonder if it just makes you more homesick in the long run though.

We did our laundry for the first time since Spokane. The difference a little bit of soapy water makes to the enjoyment of human life is noteworthy.

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