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I'm convinced that when people see us as a collective or even as individuals that they immediately know we are not from around "here." This is even true when we're dressed in our city clothes enjoying a day off; people can just sense our unfamiliarity. Those who feel it most are the ones who have experienced the road for lengths at a time. I can usually sense them as well. I see their questioning eyes and open stance, ready to jump into conversation. I'm always fascinated to talk to this person on the road, their stories are captivating and risky; they emit a desire for companionship while embracing a recluse lifestyle. These men will probably have a better understanding of the loneliness and heartbreak in Paul Simon songs than I ever will. It's hard not to think I'm looking at my future self talking to these men: our adventures sound similar. But I believe they've lost an understanding of the value of community and roots. I hope that I never lose that.

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