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Located 45 miles from both Milwaukee and Chicago is Kenosha, WI. Conveniently for us, our friend Karen from Seattle and her new husband Jens are living there. Unless you're visiting good friends from home I recommend making the push into Chicago, not much to see in Kenosha.

The ride from Milwaukee to Kenosha was different from any type of riding we have done yet. The roads were cracked, scarred or under construction, the landscape turned from city into suburb and remained suburb. I miss the days when we would leave a city and within 10 minutes we'd be in the middle of nowhere. Here, we couldn't escape people or cars. We all knew that once we hit Chicago, the trip would be different, that the county becomes more populated; however, I don't think we prepared ourselves for it. We've become so accustom to small towns and gas station. We know how to survive there, those are our people. Maybe we're not the city boys we thought we were.

We were escorted by Jens in the morning to the Wisconsin / Illinois border on a great bike trail that would take us all the way into Chicago. Jens bid us a safe ride and we parted ways thankful for friends and for Wisconsin. She was good to us.

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