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We may have made history by being the first people to ride bicycles in the street in Ohio. At least that's what I assumed. It's either we are the first or Ohio driver ed classes teach students to yell "get on the sidewalk!" at cyclists.

We left Detroit in no hurry at all, and found the warm weather once again on our 60 mile ride to Toledo. Sweat and afternoon sun were a friend of ours at this point, so we embraced it as a sign of being back in the swing of things after an easy last few days.

We stayed with some younger bikers living in an artist neighborhood: Sarah and Kara. They liked the tacos we made but didn't entertain my questions about how often people there say "Holy Toledo!" They probably didn't get it.

After holding back laughter from another story of someone getting pushed off their bike in East Toledo, we rode off in that direction hoping to make it to Norwalk, OH without getting pushed off. Twenty miles outside of town, we discovered the rural town of Elmore. Feeling deserving of a pastry, we stopped. They even had an ice cream flavor called "Holy Toledo." Glad to see someone taking advantage of the name.

Kyle left Elmore with a new $5 shirt that had a bike on it and said "Where in the world is Elmore?" Jeff and I left happy he bought it.

Our day ended after 67 miles, and we spent the evening reading in a 24 hour McDonalds drinking decaf and having ice cream until it was time to set tents up across the street. We're getting a little too comfortable in McDonalds.

Photos: coffee in Elmore which may be the most patriotic town we've gone through//McDonalds after dark

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