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On Sept. 2nd we ride from Norwalk to Medina, all in Ohio. It was a shorter day, only 50 miles and with an early start, we found even more freedom in stopping for a pastry and a leisurely lunch.

The riding was rural, but busy. It seemed we had a constant stream of big trucks and never enough shoulder. Ohio still shined. We marveled at its beautifully architected towns and homes, big homes. There were some towns that I was convinced everyone lived in small mansions. We passed fields that were left unattended and grew wild flowers and the only order they had was a fence of trees on three sides.

We hit the rolling hills we had heard about at the end of our ride for the day and with that brought out my frustration. We had fairly undisturbed riding for the last few days, few weeks really, so the hills brought a side out of me that I hadn't seen in a while. Jeff has been saying that he misses hills, after 8 miles of hills, I think he's saying it just to be tough.

Tonight we set our tents up in an apple orchard in the back of our host's, Mike, house. The sudden thud of a ripe apple hitting the ground is a reminder that fall is coming and with it change. Like the start of our trip getting to grow with the summers we will readjust with the fall back in Seattle. If I was really into cheesy sayings I would say something along the lines of: may we remember that the apples fall from the trees when they're ripe; so we will fall back into Seattle ripe for the picking. I'm not into cheesy sayings, so just forget I said that.

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