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Our time in D.C. was well spent, we had friends all over the city and were reminded of the value of being known. We shared a mutual appreciate with Erica and Matt for seeing close friends in a far away place. How sweet it is, like water for my roots. Surprisingly, the novelty didn't even wear off after 3 days of sharing a 200 foot apartment with 5 people.

We've long since given up on trying to see all we can in cities. Traveling like that leads to tired feet, too many pictures and not enough beer. We let our hosts take us around to a site or two before collectively deciding the best thing to do would be to spend the afternoon in a German bar and have a crab dinner in Maryland on the water.

D.C. is a beautiful city to explore by foot. It was impossible to not marvel at the history that sat on each street corner. It was also impossible not to make several references to the movie "National Treasure" while there.

The three of us enjoyed our alone time in the city after being cooped up with one another for 6 days on the trail into D.C. We all caught up with old friends individually which was a treat. We often have to tell stories together, but getting to tell your own side of the experience without the interjections of the group makes it much more personal.

I did not leave D.C. feeling rejuvenated, instead, I left remind of home and for the first time of the trip, excited for it to all end.

Photos: tall people taking pictures together in front of tall things//Cantler's in Annapolis//In awe over the beauty and size of the animals on display at the Natural History Museum

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