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We were lazy about leaving D.C. It was September 16th and 1:30 pm by the time we had eaten our doughnuts and applied sunscreen. We've gotten no faster at getting on the road. I should also mention that these are post breakfast, pre lunch doughnuts. I feel a bit like the Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings when they fret about not getting second breakfast or elevenzies. We'll have to get some looser fitting clothes when we get home to accommodate for all of this eating we've learned to do.

Hopefully the ride to Baltimore was not an example of what the rest of our trip would be like. Our phone got a lot of attention. Every few blocks, it seemed, we were pulling them out, fearful we had taken a wrong turn and doubting the steps we had tried to memorize. "Was it a right or a left?!? Let's check." Even the bike trails were confusing.

Kyle described the busy road with no shoulder we were riding on as our most dangerous of the trip. I agreed but didn't think much of it. We escaped the road and stopped at an REI to have my disc breaks tightened. The mechanic worked for over an hour and couldn't figure it out. I left with looser breaks.

We arrived in Baltimore at 7:30 and were amazed at the number of people hanging out on street corners and stoops. We spent the evening people watching and meeting our host Christine who lived in a row house. It was a tight fit but we had a great night and left the next morning at noon after first breakfast. Some things never change.

Photo: our host Christine and her row house

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