6:00 pm

Star 1


We met Pat after a 60 mile day from Baltimore to Newark, Delaware. Pat called to us from his neighbors house as we rode down his street. This really was his street, and his town. He is a man who's life goes far beyond his front door. He filled the neighborhood with his spirit, energy and good deeds.

Following showers and a quick synopsis of his career path he took us to an Indian buffet. Over naan and tikki marsala Pat shared his life with us. The stories that shaped him, the unbelievable coincidences, and the multiple occasions he turned down a million dollars. He apologies for his long-windedness but we waved this off as if someone was interrupting a movie. We shared our stories, agreed we had eaten too much food and returned home.

We left in the morning after granola and YouTube videos of his kids. He wrote us directions out of town, did a quick tune up on our bikes and gave us a homemade energy bar for the road. He waved goodbye expecting to see us again someday, I sure hope he does.

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