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After 4100, maybe 4200, miles our adventure is done. No more bickering over whether or not we should buy chip for lunch, no more bakery stops, no more flat tires, no more talking shop with old guys outside gas stations. We were ready to come home a couple weeks ago. Still, it's hard to say goodbye to the trip. It's hard to escape the thought that when we land in Seattle the men we've become, the grizzled journey-men, will fade too quickly into the mountain fearing boys we were when we left. May we always remember the lessons we learned:

- people are for the most part good
- not every shake should be made into a malt
- wind can be your worse enemy
- wind can be your best friend
- most people have fascinating stories of their own
- people innately like to host
- a bicycle is an amazing way to meet people
- beauty stretches across the whole country but skipped Gary, Indiana
- always accept free drinks from strangers

This list could go on and on but I'll save you of the rest and of the best ways we learned to pee in public places without being noticed.

Thank you all who followed along, supported us and let us sleep in your house. The hospitality and generosity we received has shaped us and created a desire to give it back. Here's to more conversations around the dinner table, learning about each other's lives and fostering relationships. That's what this trip was about not riding bikes.

Soon I'll be home, penniless and jobless with a head full of memories, a broken in bike seat and too much free time, trying figuring out what my next move is; I couldn't be more excited.

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