01 Aug 2015

Boys Of Summer by zachely


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Wyo'd Wyo as the locals say. We were excited to be in Wyoming. For me I'm not quite sure if I was more excited to be in Wyoming or just to be out of Montana. Either way, the change was nice.

We road out of Sheridan, WY on Highway 14. It was 7 miles longer than taking I-90 but completely worth it. Our first day on it was full of rolling green hills, beautiful ranches and antelopes running wild. We rode 56 miles before lunch! But, lunch was at 5:30 pm. The miles slide by as we had new landscapes to entertain us and watch change as we rode. The green hills turned into beautiful rock formations with splashes of crimson red rock appearing randomly like beautiful birthmarks on the hillside.

My day of riding was soured slightly by a mysterious noise coming from my bike. It was like a new shoe that squeaks when you walk. This noise was taking my sanity. Our attempted to fix it, or even find what was causing it failed left and right. I rode on with my squeaky shoe.

We ended out night after 75 miles in a small town called Arvada. Gary and Bobbe were out working on their lawn and offered to let us camp in the back. We quickly accepted and once they realized we weren't going to murder them and visa versa we had a great night of friendly conversation.

They were originally from Illinois but moved to Arvada because Gary was a coal miner (more on this below). They both retired in Arvada. Arvada if you're having a hard time picturing it, is a tiny town with the BNSF railroad going through it. In any direction you look you see for miles, with unique and beautiful hills gently shaping the skyline. The sunsets are picturesque.

Living in Seattle, it's been really easy for me to be anti-coal. Hearing stories from my grandma about coal trains passing by her family's farm when she was a child and leaving clouds of dust behind made it even easier not to like coal. However, spending time with a man who dedicated his life to mining it, and passing through towns that existed because of the coal industry made it more difficult to do away with it so willinilly.

We woke up to breakfast from Gary and hit the road after he shared some insight of the road ahead. He said it was downhill for the next 50 miles. Sadly he was very mistaken. It was uphill. After a long day of riding we made it to a small town called Rozet and had chicken tacos for dinner.

Photos: highway 14 outside of Sheridan//highway 14 close to Arvada//campsite in Rozet