03 Aug 2015

Boys Of Summer by zachely


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A group of Christian motorcycle missionaries fed us biscuits and gravy in the morning, and then sent us off with blessings to Rapid City. People are nice to you when you're on a bicycle. Makes me think everyone should ride a bike.

Seeing a familiar face in a strange place is something to cherish. Seeing Scott in the parking lot was just that. I'm sure it was even more enjoyable for Kyle. We immediately headed out, a quick change of clothes, no shower and right into the car. We hadn't showered for six days, so I felt bad for Scott. Kyle, Jeff and I were use to each other's stink at this point.

The next several hours felt very patriotic. Seeing Mt. Rushmore and crazy horse with packs of Harley's whizzing around each corner in between. We couldn't stop thinking of the movie "National Treasure 2." Very Patriotic!

Mt. Rushmore made me appreciate the boldness and vigor of this country in the early 1900's. When since have we spent a huge amount of money on such an artistic public works project. I believe our European roots were really showing. I'm reminded of a Wendell Berry essay in which he describes trying to make build a pond on his property, and failing miserably. He was left with a scarred landscape, a reminder of him trying to force nature's hand. He witness how damaging man can be, but at time how it can create beauty in nature as well. I believe Mt. Rushmore was a risk that could have scarred a beautiful landscape, but the boldness and vigor of its creators made it beautiful. I worry that as a country we may have lost some of those good qualities that lead to Mt. Rushmore...

Saying goodbye to Scott was easy because he left before we woke up. We headed back on the road on August 1st, after watching the majority of National Treasure 2 on TV and eating out fair share of continental breakfast.